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Quality lighting design is so much more than picking fixtures and laying out a lighting plan. It involves understanding the purpose of a project, the needs and goals of the owner and users, the interior design style, and collaboration with the entire design team. We combine bold creativity with strong technical skills to offer our clients winning design solutions.At Studio T+L the key to our success is our design process. In fact, it's so successful that over half of our projects are with returning clients. Our lighting design projects include:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate teleconference
  • Office
  • Worship
  • Exhibits and Galleries
  • Immersive experiences 

The first non-technical question we ask is about the project's desired look and feel.  The answer is the foundation of our design and our selection of lighting techniques and equipment, and may determine our scope of service.  Among the lighting design services we provide are:

  • Establishing lighting design criteria
  • Developing lighting design concept
  • Fixture selection, layout and specification
  • Custom fixture design and specification
  • Lighting calculations
  • Mock-ups and field tests
  • Lighting control system design, specification and programming
  • Equipment cost estimates
  • Energy analysis
  • Fixture focusing

While we've designed our share of office spaces and the like, we really shine on projects that emphasize aesthetics, the use of color, sophisticated control systems and/or integration with other building systems. Exhibits and interactive experiences, for example, require us to combine our theatrical and architectural lighting expertise to achieve the project's goals. This is where Studio T+L shines.

We Wrote the Book on Lighting Design

Our principal, Jason Livingston, is the author of Designing With Light: The Art, Science and Practice of Architectural Lighting Design (Wiley, 2014). It is available as a soft back book and as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, Apple Books app, and Google Play Books app.

Jason is also a contributing author to Design Guide 1 - Color and Illumination (IES 2016) and Lighting Science 5 - Color (IES 2020).

designing with light cover

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