About Studio T+L

Studio T+L is a dedicated group of lighting designers and theatre consultants. We listen carefully to understand our client’s unique needs on every project. We put our client’s best interests first and work with the entire project team to uphold those interests. We collaborate with our clients, architects, and engineers, to bring each project to life with a thoughtful, original, appropriate design. Our hard work and careful attention pays off. Over half of our new projects are with repeat clients.

Our Twin Passions Are THEATRE and LIGHT

Theatre Planning + Design

We know the theatres we design are critical tools for the artists using them. As theatre consultants we bring a lifetime of production experience to designing performing arts facilities that work. Our mission is to share our experience in creating theatre and each theatre’s unique requirements with the building design team to develop appropriate, imaginative, cost-conscious solutions. These collaborations result in intimate, lively and technically superior spaces for audience members and artists to share the experience of live performance.

Lighting Design

Studio T+L designs architectural lighting specifically tailored to each project’s unique needs. We bring an intimate knowledge of the physics and psychology of light, an extensive history of successful projects and, where appropriate, an artistic sensibility to our designs. Our work combines artistry and technical skill with real world issues of energy efficiency, maintenance, and code compliance to provide a winning lighting design.

Our Designers

Studio T+L’s team includes designers who teach at some of the country’s most prestigious design schools. Our award-winning work has been profiled in Lighting Sound America , Lighting Design + Application, Design Bureau, and Architectural SSL.